Breaking Bad Hisenberg Collection 3 inch Vinyl Figure, Crystal Ship (The RV)


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Yeah Science! Here comes The Heisenberg Collection, celebrating the hit series Breaking Bad in Titans Vinyl Mini-Figure form! Each Breaking Bad Titans Heisenberg Collection Vinyl Mini-Figure stands 3-inches tall and comes blind-boxed with a character specific accessory for certain characters. Ages 15 and up. Please note, not all characters have an accessory. The Heisenberg Collection is a 12 piece collection that features mild mannered chemistry teacher Walter White as well as his murderous, drug dealing alter-ego Heisenberg, his na├»ve partner in crime Jesse Pinkman and a whole barrel full of friends and foes, including The Crystal Ship itself – The RV! The Heisenberg Collection also includes Drug Kingpin Gus Fring in both his Cartel eliminating beige suit and his (spoiler alert) post explosion, exposed skull, tie-straightening outfit; his right-hand man Mike Erhmantraut; Walter White’s brother-in-law and determined DEA Agent Hank Schrader; the kleptomaniac and purple clad Marie Schrader; the breakfast loving Walt Jr. and, of course, everyone’s favorite crooked lawyer – Saul Goodman! There are 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect! As ever this range is designed by the incredibly talented Matt Jones aka Lunartik. These are original Blind Boxes, but now you do not need to buy 10 boxes to get the 1 select figure you are in need of to complete your collection.– Walter – 1/20 — Walt Jr. – 1/20 — Heisenberg – 2/20 — Jesse (Live Free or Die) – 1/10 — Jesse – 1/20 — Hank – 1/10 — Marie – 1/20 — Gus (Salud) – 1/20 — Gus (Face Off) – 2/20 — Mike – 1/20 — Saul – 2/20 — Saul (Dark Suit) – 1/40 — Walter (Hazmat Suit) – 1/40 — Jesse (Hazmat Suit) – 1/40 — Batter Tub – 1/40 — Crystal Ship (The RV) – 2/20


The Heisenberg Collection | Highly Detailed andPoseable | Each stylized vinyl mini-figure measures 3-inches tall | Rarity: 2/20 | Imported from the USA.

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