A Game of Thrones the Board Game _ Awesome 2nd Edition _ For 3 to 6 Players


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A Game of Thrones the Board Game is a delight to play for those enjoying good strategy, multiple objectives and many choices on each turn. Objective of the game is to control the most areas containing either a Castle or Stronghold after 10 rounds of play. If, at any time during the game, a player controls seven such areas, that player immediately wins the game. A large selection of game components make the possibilities of play very different for each game. Beautifully illustrated game board, folds down to a 6 layer 11 x 11 inches. Opened up the game board measures 33 x 22 inches. Some of the components includes player screens; Footmen, Knights, Ships, Siege-engine plastic pieces; Order tokens; Power tokens; Influence tokens; Supply tokens; Reference sheets; Garrison tokens; Game round marker; House cards; Tides of battle cards; Wilding cards; and Kings’ court Overlay. A Game of Thrones is recommended for 3 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Enjoy this thoroughly engaging strategy game of planning, influence, dominance, attack, defense, and resolution.


Adventure role play game for 3 to 6 players. | Game theme based on George Martin’s best selling novels: “A Song of Ice and Fire” | Each player control one of the Great Houses and seeks dominance over the Land of Westeros. | Objective is to control the most Castles and Strongholds so as to finally claim the Iron Throne. | Complete fully illustrated 32 page game instruction and reference manual. | Imported from the USA.

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