All 12 species movie Marvel MARVEL Power Charm collection: all 12 species Captain America 1 A 2 A 3 Storm (japan import)


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Die cast specifications of all 12 species 1 Captain America A 2 Storm A 3 Wolverine A 4 Spider-Man A 5 Fantastic 4A 6 Ghost Rider A 1 Captain America B 2 Storm B 3 Wolverine B 4 Spider-Man B 5 Fantastic 4B 6 Ghost Rider B heavy ! Comics Plush Keychain mobile or cell phone strap anime hero heroine character who of the movie theater version or comic characters of card games, etc. are entered in, refers to the capsule figure Gashapon, Gachapon, etc. Get the Mini Figure It is recommended to a birthday present Children’s Day Soft toy doll or sound items out of which words such as deciding has entered!


TAKARATOMYARTS Tomy | Imported from the USA.

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