Awesome LEGO City Fire Plane 4209


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Lego Fire Plane Stubs Out Ashes Give your little fire fighter everything he needs to keep runaway fires under control with the Lego City Fire Plane. When a fire breaks out in the pretend forest, it is up to the fire fighters on the ground and in the sky to team up and put it out. This plane can drop water as it flies over through its water release function. It has opening bay doors, rotating propellers and is manned by two skilled pilots. The Lego Fire Plane doesn’t work alone. A fellow fire fighter is standing by with a well-equipped truck and a hose to extinguish the blaze before it reaches the town. Your kids will enjoy setting up play fires with this set. In addition to the plane, truck and minifigures, it also comes with cool accessories like trees, a flashlight, storage box, water bricks and a walkie talkie to keep contact with the guys in the sky. The Lego City Fire Plane is one of the coolest fire fighting toys ever It’s a complete play set that includes miniature fire fighters, a truck, pilots and other accessories for your kids to set up a pretend forest fire The plane uses a water release function to drop water on the flames. It’s operated by 2 mini pilots, has opening bay doors and rotating propellers The fire fighter on the ground has a truck full of equipment and a handy hose Accessories include 3 fire fighter figures, 2 trees, flashlight, walkie talkie, storage box, chainsaw, 30 water bricks and flames


Imported from the USA.

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