Backyard Science Anthill Making Kit


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Build your own solid ant hill with this kit from 4M! Then, invite your “ant friends” to come and live in it. Observe their daily activities inside. It is solid and natural ant hill built by plaster moulding. You can paint it however you wish. Your ant friends would love this new home made of natural materials. You could make unlimited number of ant hills by using the solidly built mould and connected them to build your own ant kingdom. The fun is unlimited. This is a fun science project for the whole family. Contains 1 set plastic ant hill mould, 1 fine quality plaster, 1 paint strip, 1 brush, 1 connecting tunnel, 2 transparent wall sheet, 1 white glue, 1 detailed moulding, painting and assembly instructions with fun facts and guides for location ants. (Contents sufficient to make 1 ant hill of 2 halves connected, ants not included). For ages 8+.


2 halves of the ant hill. | 2 Rubber bands to hold the hill together. | Paintbrush. | 6 color paint strip. | Instructions. | Imported from the USA.

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