DC UNIVERSE (DC comics) BATMAN (Batman) COMPUTER SITTER BOBBLE-HEAD [parallel import goods] (japan import)


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Popular character of DC comics is “Batman”. I send it out carefully from a store of Hokkaido


Material about 10.5cm (state sat): soft vinyl Height FUNKO: manufacturer | It may seem that the color by the use environment of customers, somewhat different product image. There is the case that the exterior and outer box, there is a distortion scratches and dents because it is imported products. | That there is no interruption in product body will not be a defective product, please note the more nervous excessive seen to some collectors. product condition is bad is often compared honest, imported products and domestic products | Since it has been shipping to our customers in the maker shipment state of the United States, can not be returned or exchanged for reasons other than corruption of the body. I have the inspection from the top of the outer box visually | From the store warehouse, we are pre-package firm a sensitive product because there are many. Our store is Hokkaido, but will be delivered in 2 to 4 from the date of purchase | Imported from the USA.

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