Deluxe Speed Cuby 2×2 Cube


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IMPROVED WITH HIGH QUALITY STICKERS THAT NEVER FADES and NEVER FALLS APART – We addressed the world’s concerns, we now have the stickers that actually sticks in your cubes. We used high grade adhesives that will give you more years to use the CUBY 2×2.
ALL BEGINNERS START WITH THIS TWO-LAYER CUBE: Do you find the typical Cube a bit mind-boggling with its three layers of cubes? Then try this 2×2 cubic cube as a first step to mastering the Cube and the even crazier cubes that follow. It even comes with one corner locked to prevent annoying inner core misalignments so the cube is never in a state where it can’t be solved.
SOFT TWIST AND EASY TO TURN: There’s nothing worse than a 2×2 cube that won’t turn the way you want. This cube puzzle for kids and adults is noted for its extremely smooth operation and lasting durability. The stickers won’t peel off and you’ll get hours upon hours of trouble-free play.
PERFECT GIFT, PARTY FAVORS, STOCKING STUFFERS, CHRISTMAS PRESENT AND EVEN A REWARD – This well made magic cube will never disappoint your recipient. The smooth turning brain teaser will put the biggest smile to your gift receiver.
GENERATIONS OF FUN: This original cube has been giving people generations of fun. From grandma, grandpa, dad, mom and kids and even grandkids – know this smart game can give endless of fun and activates creativity and enhance problem – solving skills. Keep your brain sharp and thinks fast



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