Enjoy Loads of Adventure time with Captain Barnacles and His Octopod


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Explore! Rescue! Protect! When there is trouble under the sea, the Octonauts dive into action! Their mission is to EXPLORE underwater worlds, RESCUE sea creatures, and PROTECT the oceans! After a day of adventures, the Octonauts return back to their home base, the Octopod. The Octopod is not only a habitat, it’s a fully-equipped vessel that has everything the Octonauts need for undersea adventures! Two sides of play and loads of adventure! The Octopod looks just like it does on the television show and really brings the world of the Octonauts to life! This two-sided playset is packed with over 10 play pieces, phrases, sounds, and lots of role play fun!Sound the Octo-Alert! Just like on the show, the Octo-Alert lets you know when it’s time to spring into action! Good thing this device can clip safely to your belt because with a press of the button you can activate the alert and hear phrases from Barnacles and Kwazii! Barnacles is the crew’s captain and this polar bear extraordinaire really knows the way to navigate tricky territory! Kwazii, the Octonauts’ Lieutenant, is a swashbuckling kitten who is always ready to pounce on any new adventure! When it’s time to report for duty, Barnacles and Kwazii can quickly slide down from the pods and into the Launch Bay! There they can ready the Gup-A for their rescue mission! Place Kwazii or Barnacles inside the Gup and turn the lever to launch the vehicle down the escape hatch and out of the Octopod! There are three creatures included that you can help rescue-a fiddler crab, a sea turtle and an eel! The Octopod comes with four removable rescue tools you can use to reach and retrieve sick creatures! Just lift and lower the net, stretcher, anchor or barrel to bring the creatures back to safety! There’s always a new adventure aboard the Octopod! What’s in the box: The Octopod playset, Kwazii and Barnacles figures, Octo-Alert, mini Gup-A vehicle, three creatures and four re


Imported from the USA.

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