Game of Thrones Hand of King Pin


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Who put YOU in charge? Oh, what, the king? THE king? You’d better be packing some proof that the king sent you to do his bidding, like this Hand of the King pin. It sort of lets people know that you’re acting on behalf of the king. People in Westeros have no choice but to respect your power while wearing it. Just make sure your son doesn’t have access to any crossbows. It might be a good idea to lock the bathroom door while you’re at it, but you should already be doing that anyways. If you can stave off the occasional assassination attempt, you can wield power second only to the king! (Note: Hand of the King pin only works as a symbol of authority in Westeros. It just looks cool everywhere else.)


Dark Horse is proud to announce a new line of licensed Game of Thrones products based on HBO’s award winning series | A must-have for any Game of Thrones fan | Recreates the pin worn by the Hand of the King | Imported from the USA.

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Dimensions 225.00 x 2.80 x 40.00 cm
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