Harry Potter Spells and Potions Science Kit “Fascinating Fossils” SH702 (Harry Potter Hands-On Science Activities, SH702)


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HARRY POTTER and the CHAMBER OF SECRETS FACINATING FOSSILS – PALEONTOLOGY FOSSIL STUDY AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION PROJECT. AMBER FOSSIL IN RESIN CASTING MOLD MAKING EXPERIMENT, SCIENCE TEACHING LAB and EDUCATION KIT! Kit Components include: an Amber Fossil Craft Mold, a Keyring / Backpack Clip, Hogwarts Resin / Hogwarts Resin Catalyst, Mixing Stick, Protective Gloves, 5 Small Assorted Real Fossils, Hogwarts Activity and Experiment Collector Lab Binder Pages, assorted Amber Mold Making Connectors, and a Witch and Wizard in Training 8.5″ x 11″ Full Color Poster with a blank Training Notes Sheet on the rear! .. Features an Assortment of 5 Real Animal, Sealife, or Plant Fossils for use in 3 Activity Project Experiments! Create and Excavate Buried Fossils and Objectsto understand the Fossilization Process, Archaeology, Nature, and the work of Paleontologists! Create Petrified Fossil and Archaeology Mold Impressions for Fossilization Process Study, Archaeological Dig Projects, and Project Analysis.Create a Realistic Fossil Trapped in Amber Keychainor Backpack Clip using Supplied Gloves, Mixing Stick, Resin and Catalyst, Instructions, Fossils, and small parts. These sets were produced in 2002 and onward and feature the J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., and Harry Potter Publishing Trademark Authorization Data on the package covers. Created as part of the Spells and Potions Teaching / Science Project Activity Series that were not available in most Large Retail Stores. It’s a Great Hours of Fun Solo, Group, or Family Learning and Crafts Kit, a Fantastic Rainy Day Activity kit, a Thrilling School Classroom Science Project Kit, a Fun Homeschooling Hands-on Learning Kit,Incentive Award Gift, Birthday Gift, or an unusual Harry Potter Product Collectable! For Hogwards Wizards and Witches Ages 8 and up. Contains small parts. Adult Supervision and Guidance is recommended with all Science and Craft Activity Kits


Suitable for Witches and Wizards Ages 8 and Up! | Hands On Science Activity | Imported from the USA.

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