Water Beads Pack – Rainbow Mix


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Water Beads Just So Cool

Have you ever played with water beads? They’re slippery, squishy, and a surprisingly fun and addictive sensory experience for kids of all ages.

– Educational toys like Water Beads are given the top priority as we’d like to develop children creative thinking, interpretative skills and motivate they finishing their artistic creations.
– Tips for Water Beads include Decorating with water beads
– They can be used as a decoration for birthdays, baby/bridal showers, graduations, anniversaries,baptisms,weddings,etc. also can be put in the water plant to retain hydrated. For example: Smashed the water beads into crystal jelly, add some beautiful shell and conch to make a wonderful different shape of magic sea world,what’s more, different layers of the jelly beads can make sparkling rainbow Eiffel Tower.

– 50000 pcs mixed colorful water beads
– Safe and non-toxic
– The tiny water marbles are made from absorbent polymer, and as the beads absorb water, they will grow bigger and become squishy jelly balls.

Caution: Although it is non-toxic ,not for human ingestion,Do not let children under 3 years play it alone, need parent accompany.

What’s in the box
50000 beads -Rainbow Mix


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