Medicom Star Trek: Kirk and Uhura Bearbrick 2-Pack


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Relive the excitement of 2009’s blockbuster science fiction film, Star Trek, with Medicom’s release of this exclusive Be@rbrick 2-pack. Fans of J.J. Abrams’ Oscar-winning reboot will clamor to collect these Japanese interpretations of heroic Captain James T. Kirk and the sultry communications officer Nyota Uhura. Packaged in their own window box, and limited to 1,200 pieces outside of Asia, this Be@rbrick 2-pack can either be paired with the Series 19 blind box release of Spock or displayed separately in your collection.


Based on the previously unreleased Kirk and Uhura inspired by the smash 2009 film | Combines the latest vision of an s-f classic with one of Medicom’s hottest collectible lines | Diamond exclusive release is limited to 1,200 pieces outside of Asia | Complements the highly sought-after Series 19 Spock Bearbrick (sold separately) | Window box packaging | Imported from the USA.

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Weight 0.090909 kg
Dimensions 50.00 x 1.00 x 100.00 cm
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