Star Trek Tribble Plus – Brown


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Clear the area of any stray Klingons! The adorable, cooing Tribbles (Polygeminus Grex) — considered mortal enemies of the Klingon Empire — are here!QMx is happy to announce that after overrunning the cargo hold, they’ll be taking over every nook and cranny in our warehouse. Featured in Star Trek: The Original Series, the soft, furry creatures from Iota Geminorum IV, whose sole purposes are to eat and make baby Tribbles, can be had for a modest adoption fee. These all-polyester, 4-inch Tribbles have extra-long, brown fur with a slight sheen. Each one comes in a special container that features Tribble Tips and is designed to keep it tidy and content. This bundle of interstellar love can be yours for $9.95.


Tribbles measure 4-inches long | Extra long, shiny polyester ”fur” | Includes container and Tribble Tips | Imported from the USA.

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