The Walking Dead Board Game _ Based of AMC TV show


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The zombie apocalypse is here and humanity is on its last legs. As a survivor, you need to collect supplies, guns, transportation and allies. The game is a race to see who can pick up the most as quickly as possible and make it back to camp. But watch out ! If any of your fellow survivors get bitten by walkers, they’ll become walkers and turn against you. Not everyone survives the game. Several players may become walkers and then turn against their friends and family. Two scenarios to choose from: either Survival Mode or Team Game. Game components include: Soft, rubberized role up game board; 6 Character Cards; 6 Survivor Game Pieces with bases; 2 Walker Game Pieces 16 Ally tokens; 40 Scrounge cards; 40 Encounter cards; 30 Walker Cards; 16 Location cards; 4 Badges; 1 six sided dice


Walking Dead Board Game is a Zombie game based on AMC’s very popular TV show. | Gorgeous nylon covered, soft rubber, roll-up, full-color game board measures 18 x 14 inches. | Objective is to collect all four of the LOCATION tiles and then return to camp. | Choose from one of 6 character cards at the beginning of play. | Recommended for ages 15 and older. 1 to 4 players. Average game time 45 minutes. | Imported from the USA.

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