Custom Breaking Bad Design Personalized Zippered Pillowcase Standard Size 20″x30″(Two Sides)


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This custom standard pillowcase is roomy in size (20″ x 30″) and has been designed to add sophistication and style to your bedroom. It’s a zippered pillow case with a zippered opening on the side.With pre-shrunk fabric,this pillowcase is washable at 60¡æ. The material is made of a fine soft blend of fabrics, giving the pillow case a soft and comfortable texture.If you want to improve your quality of sleep all night long or display your personal style, please take action right now. It would be perfect to decorate your home with our personalized and unique pillow cases.


Zippered protective covering encases the entive pillow | Standard pillowcase in size 20″x30″ | High quality pillow case with a soft and comfortable texture | Particular and 100% new brand ,Made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester | Custom design satisfy your personal style | Imported from the USA.

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