Decal for Kids, Boys Wall Décor, Not Associated with Lego Brand


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Our decals are peel and stick. ALL items on this listing are printed on a coated, durable fabric material that is repositionable. Coated fabric looks similar to vinyl … it is not soft and fuzzy like felt. The difference between fabric and vinyl is that fabric will not stretch and is difficult to tear; whereas, vinyl will stretch and tear easily making it non-repositionable. You can see a video on “Fabric vs. Vinyl Decals” on YouTube if you search for that term.


Scene depicted is 34.8″ by 16.2″. You can move pieces closer or farther apart. Larger piece is about 23.5″ by 12.5″ and the smaller piece is about 14″ by 10.8″. | Will work on Smooth or Slightly Textured Walls | Fabric Repositionable/Reusable Decal for EVERYTHING. Everything is individually cut and easy to remove from the wall without damaging | Not Associated with Lego Brand | This decal features a photo of 3D Blocks | Imported from the USA.

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