Doctor Who in Front of London Silhouette | Dr. Who Wall Decal Home Decor Sticker | Tardis Dalek Screwdriver Sonic


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What you are gazing upon is a large wall decal featuring Dr. Who standing in front of the TARDIS which are both in front of a silhouette of London. 52″ Long x 22″ Tall at the tallest point Custom Sizes upon request as always! These work great on cars, walls, laptops, iPads, or whatever really. The sticker you receive will have be SINGLE COLOR unless otherwise requested. Contact me for larger/smaller sizes as well as different colors. Decals can be removed, but are one-time use. Once you stick ’em, they’re stuck! Clean area with rubbing alcohol for best adhesion. Alcohol will help with any leftover stickies too. Check videos on YouTube for installing large vinyls. Hinge method works great for novice installers.


The Doctor in front of London and TARDIS | Decorate any wall instantly | Imported from the USA.

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Weight 0.000000 kg
Dimensions 2600.00 x 0.03 x 1100.00 cm
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