Geocache Swag 2 Inch Refrigerator Magnets – 8 Pcs Big Bang Theory Set 2 of 5


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If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory series then these are a must! These 2″ flat ceramic magnets are not the kind that are printed off on a laser printer and punched by the thousand by a machine. Each of these is hand made in a 3 part process to insure top quality in each piece. A unique feature of these magnets over others of their kind is that I have placed a 2 mil resin dome over the top of them!! This brings the image out in a much more dramatic and clear way, plus adds a layer of protection as these will be left behind in cache boxes. These magnets sell for $2.99 each, but I have put 8 into this set (set 2 of 5) for one low price. I offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee if you do not think that they are worth the price you paid. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot of fun this summer to gain?


Eight (8) Geocache Swag Refrigerator Magnets | Top Quality – Hand Made – Two Inch Domed Ceramic Magnets | Set 2 of 5 with The Big Bang Theory Theme | Save Money by Purchasing as a Set | Use Some For Yourself And Leave Others In Cache Boxes | Imported from the USA.

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