Geocache Swag Glass Stone Refrigerator Magnets – Doctor Who Tardis in Space


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Check out these custom designed images that I had created using images from the hugely popular BBC series Doctor Who. Taking a page from show and combining it with our past-time I incorporated the famous image of the booth with “Geocaching With Tardis” surrounding it and the Logo. These one (1) inch diameter glass “flat marbles” as I like to call them come in all shapes and none are alike. This gives them character when you add images to them. The flaws in the stones only enhance the images to me? I also have a set of bottle caps and a set of glass trading stones with these images under separate listings and there are several more to come with images from this still running series from the 1960’s!


Fifteen (15) Geocache Swag Glass Refrigerator Magnets | Popular BBC Doctor Who Series with Famous Tardis Image in Space | “Geocaching With Tardis” What Fun! | Magnets Hold Several Sheets Of Paper | Use Some For Yourself And Leave Others In Cache Boxes | Imported from the USA.

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