Geocache Swag Refrigerator Magnets – 24 Pcs Hunger Games Set


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I have taken the images from the hugely popular Hunger Games movies and made them into refrigerator magnets. I have put the same thick 2 mil resin dome over these images and affixed a flexible ferrite magnet onto them. They stick well to most metal surfaces but do not have near the holding power of the neodymium magnets that I use in the glass set so PLEASE DON’T EXPECT THEM TO HOLD MUCH MORE THEN A PICTURE. They are however great for show and will make very nice trade items! As with all of my items there is the 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back if you are not completely satisfied.


Twenty Four (24) Custom Designed 1″ Domed Ferrite Magnets | Unique Swag Trade Items From The Hit Movie Hunger Games | Keep Some And Trade Others – Get Some Favorite Smileys! | 1st Class Swag Trade Items Without The Expense Of Real Geocoins | Check-out my other listings to see more versions of this one-of-a-kind swag item | Imported from the USA.

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