Harry Potter Window Transparencies Imported from Germany “The Key” Set


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Window transparencies from Germany reproduce the look of stained glass. Self-cling stickers feature the same luminous power and visibility from both sides. Each image is individually die-cut, can easily be taken off the protective sheet and adhere without any adhesive to window panes, mirrors, and also smooth surfaces. There are six different sets available. This set includes 9 different images: Hermione on broomstick, Ron on broomstick, the Flying Key, Scabbers, Hedwig, Harry’s broomstick, an owl post owl, and one large image of Harry, Hermione and Ron chasing the Flying Key on their way to find the sorcerer’s stone.


Nine individually die-cut window transparencies recreate the look of stained glass. | Self-cling, removable and repositionable. | The 9 transparencies are varying sizes as shown in the photograph. | Literary images form Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. | Full sheet is 12.25″ x 12.25″ square (31 cm x 31 cm) Imported from Germany. | Imported from the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 0.113636 kg
Dimensions 612.50 x 0.25 x 612.50 cm


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