Homee Zakka Stackable Animal Glazed Ceramic Coffee Cup, Cat


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Designed exclusively by Homee, these glazed ceramic cups, adorned with cute cartoon animals, will liven up your morning. Homee cups don’t simply hold your coffee – they also awaken your imagination. Homee utilizes stackable design that makes for convenient, space-efficient storage when not in use. Four types of animal designs are available: Crocodile style, Cat style, Giraffe style, and Dog style.


Stackable design is convenient and space-efficient | Each cup incorporates a 3-D animal design. Cup handle takes the shape of the animal’s tail | Perfect for home or the office | Creative design evokes your imagination and inspires you to start the day well | Four animal shapes are available. | Imported from the USA.

Additional Information

Weight 0.150000 kg
Dimensions 108.00 x 2.95 x 157.50 cm
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