Kess InHouse Mandie Manzano “Expecto Patronum” Harry Potter Throw Pillow, 16 by 16-Inch


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Rest among the art you love. Transform your hang out room into a hip gallery, that’s also comfortable. With this pillow you can create an environment that reflects your unique style. It’s amazing what a throw pillow can do to complete a room. (kess is not responsible for pillow fighting that may occur as the result of creative stimulation). At KESS InHouse, we see home decor as a chance to add art to the home and to bring together a collaborative community of artists. Whether it’s on the couch, in the kitchen or hanging from a wall, we believe that art enriches our lives and we want to support the artists who make it possible. For this reason, a percentage of every KESS InHouse sale goes back to the artist who created the design. KESS InHouse curates every piece of artwork specifically keeping in mind the product line. We pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of our company and home decor line. KESS InHouse believes artists should be rewarded for their creativity, imagination, and ability to transform a blank surface into something remarkable. We would like to invite you to join us in our fight against blank walls and creatively lacking homes.


Fabric woven polyester | Closure sealed | Care spot treatment with mild detergent | 3000 pieces of art available on 4 sizes; Artwork available on variety of products: duvet covers, rugs, dog beds, fleece blankets | We believe art enriches our lives, so a percentage of every kess InHouse sale goes back to the artist who created the design | Imported from the USA.

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Weight 1.000000 kg
Dimensions 800.00 x 3.70 x 800.00 cm
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