MESH Double Happiness Insulated Heat Resistant Glass Tea Cup with Wide Mouth, Includes Tea Infuser


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This authentic Chinese Tea Cup embodies the spirit of China’s world-renowned “tea culture.” The Chinese characters adorning this tea cup represent “Double Happiness.” Normally, the characters are outlined in gold paint. However, when filled with hot tea, the characters turn completely gold. This tea cup is perfect for any afficionado of Chinese culture or anyone who wishes to drink tea the authentic, traditional way! Includes a removable tea infuser to help give your tea a well-bodied flavor, as well as a glass cover to keep your tea hot.


Traditional, authentic design reflects China’s ancient tea drinking culture | Adorned with Chinese character representing “Double Happiness” | Characters turn gold when cup is filled with hot contents | Includes removable tea infuser | Highly insulated, also includes a glass cover | Imported from the USA.

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