MOTHER OF DRAGONS Eggs Khaleesi Game of Thrones Decal Vinyl Bumper Sticker Laptop Window Car Wall PINK


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Decal measures 7″x5.5″ in PINK vinyl with 3 Dragon Eggs and words: MOTHER OF DRAGONS


7″X5.5″ Pink Vinyl Decal professionally designed and manufactured by Gorilla Decals in Portland, Oregon | NOT FOR RESALE. Gorilla Decals original design available EXCLUSIVELY from Gorilla Decals. Any other sale, distribution or duplication of this design is unauthorized and should be considered a criminal act. | These vinyl decals have the ADHESIVE ON THE BACK SIDE of decal, so they can be applied to any smooth surface, including the outside of windows. Cut decal sticker is a solid color with NO background color. Easy to follow application instructions included. | Durable, Waterproof and Weather Resistant for up to 7 Years | Great for cars windows, laptops, helmets, or any smooth surface! | Imported from the USA.

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