Think Periodic Table of Elements Coffee or Tea Mug


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Here’s a coffee or tea mug bearing the Periodic Table of Elements symbols for thorium, indium and potassium. It has some extraordinary qualities: – It can help you while away the hours, consulting with the flowers. – If you ain’t no psychiatrist, or ain’t no doctor with a degree, you can still enjoy it. – When your options seem to dissipate, turn to your heart and use this mug. – If you have this mug, therefore, you are. – A particular little engine had three of these, and made it to the top of the hill. – Thomas J. Watson, Sr. had a darn good run with this mug. Ah, if only there were more people in the world who took this idea to heart…


high-quality ceramic mug holds 11oz / 325 ml | dishwasher / microwave safe | lead free | Imported from the USA.

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