Munchkin Adventure Time Game _ Bonus 2 DECKS Full Color Adventure Time Playing Cards


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It is Munchkin Adventure Time. Get read for a totally flipping’ awesome adventure in the Land of Ooo, with this sweet new twist on the classic game of Munchkin. Play as Finn, Jake, Marceline or one of your other favorite characters who know a thing to two about looking for trouble and scoring sweet loot! With help from pals like Tree Trunks or Susan Strong, and wielding the power of the Enchiridion Nothung, or the mighty Axe-Bass, foes like Me-Mow, Ricardion and Ice King don’t stand a chance at jacking up your biz-wiz. You can play this version of Mucnhin Adventure Time on its own. Or players can jam-mash it with other Munchkin games to add to the role-playing, monster-slaying, treasure-grabbing action ! BONUS 2 decks of Adventure Time Playing Cards. 54 standard size, quality, plastic coated, Adventure Time themed, full color playing cards. These can be used for most popular card games. One deck features Finn and Jake on the box cover and has blue backings. Second deck has Fionna and Cake on cover and has pink backings. Returns, if necessary, are always processed promptly. Adventure Time Game and Card decks sold as a single BUNDLE item. Return of complete new bundle required for any transaction to process.


Play Munchkin Card Game in the Land of Ooo ! | Bonus: 2 decks of Adventure Time Full Color Playing Cards. Blue backing Finn andJake on cover. Pink backing Fionna andCake on cover. | Includes 168 cards, 8 character cards, 1 die and easy-to-understand illustrated game instructions. | Recommended for 3 to 6 players, ages 10 to 105 years. Game time 60 to 120 minutes. | Stand alone game. Option to combine with previous Munchkin Game versions. | Imported from the USA.

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